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The Kraft

Innovative and Authentic Craftsmanship

Many of the hand-crafted vessel designs we utilized when creating segmented wood vases follow the classic styles of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Scandinavians. Creating wooden vases from segmented wood turnings allow shapes and sizes that are difficult, if not impossible, with solid wood forms. We never cease to create new and unique wood turnings and are constantly exploring advanced designs and construction techniques as clearly represented by our hollow-forms, turned in various shapes and styles, marrying form and grain seamlessly. We the craftsmen at Art Kraft take great pride in fashioning and turning a myriad of wood species into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of art that additionally embodies the experience. As a final step in the process each of our creations are signed.

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Our Story

Get to Know Us

Art Kliniske along with his wife, Colleen Kliniske, are the founding figures of Art Kraft Wood Products, Inc. Together they built the business from the ground up and have kept their dream alive since 1986. Their son, Austin Kliniske, follows in their footsteps and has taken to lathe since he was 10.

Austin has participated in art shows for several years around the Midwest. He took a break from woodturning for 11 years and not long ago decided to dust off his lathe and start making art again. Most of the pieces showcased are his new creations echoing older techniques while integrating his own unique style. Austin often says that he doesn't usually know what he intends to make until he sees the grain. 

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