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Wood Turning and Machining Capabilities

The advantage in using ArtKrafts capabilities are in savings;
Time, Money, and Materials.

We at ArtKraft save you time with the ability to produce hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of items reproduced with accuracy. ArtKraft can produce hundreds of these items in the time it would take to hand cut ten. We will save you time by freeing you to do other things while your project is being produced. Who says multitasking doesn't work?

Time is money, money is time, need I say more? If you are not tasked with creating objects, then you are free to help create more opportunities with your time.

Materials are sometimes expensive. For example, by mere placement of your design on a machine it is possible to get more items from your materials.

Precision matters. When producing parts for a project that must fit together perfectly, our CNC Router cutter is the answer. We keep your file and all it takes for another order is a phone call. Below are a few of the machines that we use to create your unique project.

CNC Router is used for 3D carving, 2d flat work profiling and pocketing in wood, plastic, acrylic, High density foam.
Plastic Templates
3D Lettering
Photographic 2d Carvings (Maybe of Your Favorite Pet

Copy Lathe is used for concentric turnings that have a common center based on an existing pattern.
Stair Spindles/Newel post
Chair legs

Copy Shaper is used for Non concentric turnings that don't have a common center.
Gun Stocks
Queen Anne legs
Knife handles
Fishing Lures

Variety Lathe uses specially ground profile blades to produce small items at a extremely fast rate:
Bottle caps
Napkin Rings
Gallery Spindles

Manual Lathe is used by a human operator with traditional wood turning tools
Spindle turning
hollow forms

Art Kraft